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As Colorado Realtors®, Andrew and the Golden Real Estate team of Townhome Advisors specialize in Townhouse properties and communities in Golden, Colorado. This website is a comprehensive source of detailed information about Golden's various communities that should assist you in discovering the perfect property in one of our wonderful Townhome developments.

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As a Realtor who enjoys specializing in Golden townhome and condominium properties, Andrew also enjoys the many recreational opportunities available here in Golden. He is an adopted father of his shy German Shepherd “Sydney.” If you frequent any of the many dog parks here in Golden, you have probably met her. 

Sydney enjoys her ball at Golden's History Village

Working with clients in a hands-on relationship allows Andrew to maintain essential control over the entire transaction process. Knowing what is happening every step of the way alleviates the need to check in with anyone if a client or another party to the transaction has questions or needs a quick status update. 

Of course, every buyer and seller has personal preferences, but if a single point of contact, one-on-one relationship style and direct accountability meet your comfort level requirements in a Realtor®, Andrew's style of real estate professionalism may be the right fit for you. 

Thinking of selling? By keeping abreast of Golden's townhome and condominium real estate market, and utilizing effective marketing and networking, you can expect the best guidance every seller deserves. Andrew's insights, discoveries, market awareness and comprehensive community information can help give you the insider's edge.

With Andrew and Golden Real Estate, expect outstanding service, industry leading marketing as well as a superior experience to meet your real estate goals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Andrew at your convenience or just stop on by our office located at 17695 South Golden Road.

Golden Real Estate Office

If you are considering purchasing or selling a Golden Townhome or Condominium property, or would just like to discuss Golden's current real estate market in general, feel free to call or text Andrew at 720-550-2064. You can also email him at Until then, thanks for dropping by.

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 Possible History Village Rehab Opportunity!

Delos Patiohome

Andrew (above) previews a slightly seasoned patio home in Delos, Greece. This two-room property was built approximately 2850 BC. It has a strong earthen foundation, had solid stone walls and tremendous water views. Features a shared, spring-fed cistern maintained by the community association. Walking score is an 8. Close to beaches, community theaters, the Temple of Apollo and the local community Hippodrome. Homeowners enjoyed spending mornings at the nearby Delos farmer's market, followed by an afternoon of relaxation taking in the local Grecian horse and chariot races. General Price Range: Priceless